Concord Church - St. Louis, MO

Men's Ministry

Concord Men’s Ministry…

Equipping, empowering and deploying men to support Concord’s…

  • Purpose (To Fulfill the Great Commandments)
  • Vision (To be in Community with God)
  • Mission (Connecting the Hearts of People to the Heart of God Through Loving Relationships and the Word of God)

As commanded through God’s word, our goal is to equip and support men in…

  • Prayer
  • Spiritual Readiness
  • Bible Study
  • Discipleship and Mentoring
  • Preaching and Teaching
  • Fellowship/Church Unity
  • Spiritual Healing

Our Approach

To leave no man left behind, we try to follow the approach from Patrick Morley’s Man in the Mirror men’s ministries, identifying the five types of men, and dedicating our time and energy to discipling them…reaching them with the Gospel…the one thing that helps men change the core affections of their hearts.

The five types of men are:

Type 1:  Men Who Need Christ
These are men who are not Christians and know they aren’t.  Most don’t go to church.  We need to reach outside of the church to pull these men in.

Type 2:  Men Who Are Cultural Christians
These men come in two flavors:  John and Frank.  John is typical of men on the fringe of the church.  He may attend services fairly regularly, but isn’t involved much beyond that.  Men like John have let the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of money choke the Word and make it unfruitful (Matthew 13:22).  Frank, on the other hand, is very involved, but he uses his busyness at the church to keep others at arm’s length.  He may at one time have had a vibrant faith, but the work of the church has overwhelmed his love for Christ (Revelation 2:2-4).

Type 3:  Men Who Are Biblical Christians
These guys, especially those early in their spiritual journey, are eager to develop their faith.  Some are actively engaged, others are waiting for someone to show them what to do.  Learning, serving and leading have special appeal to these men.

Type 4:  Men Who Are Leaders
A leader is anyone who takes responsibility to get something done and influences others to join him in the effort.  Once a man begins to be concerned about reaching and discipling other men, he has become a leader.

Type 5:  Men Who Are Hurting
Regardless of their spiritual maturity, all men go through difficulties at various times in their lives.  At any given point, as many as half the men in your church may be going through marital problems, financial issues, struggling with a wayward child, involvement with Internet porn, dealing with job loss, or struggling with the health crisis of a loved one.  These men must be able to get help…at Concord

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