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Facilities And Equipment Use / Calendar Request Form

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Please describe the equipment / service requested, the number of items and the location or room number of the equipment / service requested.

Requests for Use of Building or Equipment:

All requests for use of the building or church equipment shall be made through the church office.  The request shall be done by using authorized forms for such purpose.  After review of the church calendar by office personnel, tentative approval can be given to the requester.  Final approval will be obtained after verifying with the CONCORD Senior Leadership Team (SLT) or Executive Director that there are no conflicting plans for the space or equipment requested that may not have been previously posted to the church calendar and that the request is in accordance with church policy for facilities use.

The practice of scheduling church activities with the church office should be followed even if the event does not involve the use of CONCORD’S facilities or equipment in order to minimize scheduling conflicts for church-wide activities.

Guidelines for Facilities Use:

Only those rooms or equipment allocated and approved for use should be used.  All other facilities are not to be used in any way.  If room arrangement/condition is disturbed, it must be returned to its original state prior to departure.  The overriding rule is:  Leave it cleaner than you found it.  Trash should be removed to the large trash receptacles outside, behind the building.  The requestor is responsible for the actions of guests using the facilities.  

If equipment is broken or lost, report that to the church office as soon as possible.  High value or fragile equipment will not be loaned out for use or taken off property.

The building or equipment may not be used by members or outside organizations for the purposes of making profit.

Scheduling Conflicts:

CONCORD reserves the right to pre-empt any scheduled facility use in cases of emergencies (such as funerals) or when it is deemed other uses take precedence.  In such instances, notice will be provided as early as possible.

Fees for Building or Equipment Use:

If use of facilities requires additional charges to be incurred by CONCORD, whether for the immediate use or in preparation for subsequent activities, a fee may be charged to the user.


In the event of cancellation of the need for use of CONCORD’s facilities, notify the church office as soon as possible to allow others to use the facilities.

I understand and will ensure compliance with CONCORD’s facilities usage guidelines as stated above. We agree to use only the facilities/equipment requested and to notify the church office of any changes or cancellation of our request.

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