Concord Church - St. Louis, MO

Welcome to Concord Student Ministries. Thanks for taking some time to stop by and check out CSM online. You'll find everything you need to know about what's going on in CSM from upcoming events, registration information, photos, and much more on our website.

We are a group of middle school and high school students that desire to be in community with God.  We exist to lead students to fulfill the Great Commandment by helping them KNOW God, OWN their faith and making their faith KNOWN.

Circle Groups

Sunday Mornings - 11:00am-Noon in the Rafters

Every Sunday morning we let the students come and learn about God through discussion. Each group is led by a leader who guides the group through a series of discussion questions. Groups are decided based on grades and gender.

Summer Happenings...

Mondays in Motion - 10am-Noon - Locations announced at

It's summer, which means its time to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Mondays in Motion is a chance for our students to play games and connect with one another. These happen almost every monday.

House Church - 6-9pm - Locations announced at

House Church happens three times over the summer on Wednesday nights. These give students a chance to hear a message from God's word in a more "down to earth" setting than our church building. We also enjoy a meal together and a time of worship. 

Bible and Doughnuts - 2-3:30pm - Locations announced at

Almost every Thursday we get together at either church or Starbucks to eat doughnuts, drink coffee and soak in God's Word. We will be studying through the book of Galatians this summer. 

Current Series: Why Can't We All Get Along?


Upcoming Events

Middle School Mission Trip
     July 11-13 | Inner City | $50
     Click here for sign up

High School Mission Trip
     July 20-27 | South Dakota | $100
     Remaining Meetings: June 22 and July 6


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