Concord Church - St. Louis, MO

Worship & Fine Arts

Worship acknowledges and celebrates the presence of God in the world and his redeeming activity as Creator and Father. It helps us to affirm the priority and authority of God in our values, desires, and choices. It aligns our hearts and lives with the purposes of God and His desire to reconcile the world to Himself through Christ and the Church. Worship accesses and releases the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in the individual worshiper and in the worshiping church. True worship praises God and changes us. Worship remembers and celebrates the work of Christ – what Jesus did, and what that means for each of us personally and for the Church as a community of faith.

When we worship God humbly and obediently, he draws us deeply into His own heart, and then He sends us out to live in the world with hearts like His. True worship reveals the heart of God to both believers and non-believers, moving both to repentance, and to greater dependence on God.

I’m fairly new at Concord, arriving in November of 2011, but my role and calling here is the same as it’s been for the past 30 years - to identify artists and worship leaders in our congregation; draw them together in grace-filled community; and to equip them to use their gifts to display God and serve people.

We want our Worship/Fine Arts ministry to be spiritually empowered, relationally engaged, and artistically excellent.

If you would like to be part of this worship leading/people serving community, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 314-843-3500, ext 226.

Pastor Brian Mulder


For information about Performing Arts - click here; Technical Arts - click here; and Visual & Creative Arts - click here.



Regular Weekly Worship/Fine Arts Schedule

Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings

 6:00-6:20              Selah (“Pause”)

Selah is a word from the Psalms that means “pause and reflect”. In musical terms, we would call it a “rest”. From 6:00-6:20 each Wednesday, the Music Suite will be set aside as a quiet place to pray, concluding with a brief devotional reading and a prayerful song. Everyone is invited to Selah, not just WFA. Our goal is to stop all other WFA activity (tuning, set up, music copying, etc.) during this time and set it apart as “sacred” or “holy”.

 6:30-8:00              Choir, Orchestra, Band Rehearsal

Sunday Morning “Rhythm” and Schedule

The choir normally sings 3 times/month, the orchestra plays 2 times/month, band members rotate as scheduled.