Concord Church - St. Louis, MO

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Below are the eight individuals serving on the Pastor Search Committee. Below that is the letter describing the process, which went out to the church body on December 5, 2013. 

PSC Bios


Dear CONCORD Family,


What exciting times for us as a church!  Yes, we’ve had our challenges, but we now are in a period where we are looking forward to that leader who we know God has already chosen for our next chapter.


Over the last several months, we have been in a time of prayer and preparation.  The Nominating Committee which has the responsibility under our Constitution and Bylaws for leading in the selection of the Pastor Search Committee has spent many hours to accomplish that.  It began with each of us being asked to pray about and then nominate candidates who would be considered for the search committee.  


The members of the Nominating Committee established a few primary goals for themselves.  They first and foremost wanted to have a Pastor Search Committee committed to seeking God’s guidance during its search process and committed to CONCORD.  This was not to be a “popularity contest” where candidates receiving the most nominations were to be automatically put on the search committee.  Instead, they pledged to each other to put in the hours and effort to ensure, to the best of their ability, that the search committee would consist of individuals possessing wisdom, spiritual discernment, and the ability to work together as a team.


After receiving dozens of different candidate names nominated to serve on the Pastor Search Committee, the Nominating Committee members began the task of narrowing that list.  In addition to the primary goals mentioned above, they wanted to ensure the search committee represents a cross-section of our church family:  male/female, multi-generational, and reflective of different parts of our congregation.  Additionally, they thought it was appropriate to exclude from consideration paid staff and spouses, Nominating Committee members and spouses, and members of the same nuclear family (parents/children, husband/wife, siblings, etc.).  The next step was to determine if remaining individuals nominated would consider serving on the search committee.  The Nominating Committee contacted each one still under consideration to ask that question, “Are you willing to be considered?”


The result was a group of 24 individuals.  Each of these 24 was interviewed by the Nominating Committee.  It was a chance for the candidates to share their testimony, speak of their vision for the search process, and ask questions.  This interview process took place over several weeks.  At its conclusion, the Nominating Committee began the work of comparing notes, discussing the shared experience, and coming to consensus on a selection—and praying a lot more!


The final product is our Pastor Search Committee of the eight individuals on the enclosure.  We will have a special time on Sunday, December 15, when the Nominating Committee introduces them for our affirmation and prayer and support.


“Thank you” to everyone who participated!